Letter from Her Majesty The Queen Re Junior Field Gun Acknowledgement

The DFG Association most recently received a reply letter from the Queen after we informed Her Majesty about the progress of Junior Field Gun Sport in which we supplied one of our DVDs & Guz Gazette ‘Special’ JFG Tournament Edition for her to view.

CLICK here QUEEN’S Letter February 2017

On 20-02-2017 4 622

4 responses to “Letter from Her Majesty The Queen Re Junior Field Gun Acknowledgement”

  1. the jap says:

    As a museum doughnut eater im up for the free one. Its nice to hear the Queen has been updated on the progress of Junior Field Gun. Be quite nice for those that are involved with the schools to be kept informed on whats happening also.

  2. dave worrall says:

    Not sure who the Jap is but it is quite obvious he doesn’t read the minutes from the Board Meetings!!!

  3. Ugly1878 says:

    By Brian O’Hara, DFGA Sec
    This Blog site is fantastic! Maybe ‘Trump’ should have one? On the question of ‘updates’ one can always contact Board members – me for one – and Dave Worrall, for instance, if you wish to discuss a specific issue, such as JFG. DW has now started writing a ‘Diary’ of his activities, which I circulate to the Board prior to each Meeting and attach to the Minutes. I will start circulating a copy of the Minutes to all those that have an email address via Dave Dace, as I’ve had to change my email address with the loss of my address list. In the meantime, for an update on the association’s contact with schools, read DW’s list of his activities, which is an Annex to the Meeting Minutes of 9th February 2017.

  4. GuzGoFor says:

    We know who to go to now for historical talks……..

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