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  • There are hundreds, if not thousands, of books, films and paintings that describe and depict the deeds, living conditions and the armoury with which the Royal Navy has defended its shores and trade. However, without historical examples of the ships they fought in, such as HMS VICTORY and HMS BELFAST, the written page could not be brought to life.
  • They are not only a testament to the men who designed and built them, but to the men who manned them and the heroism they displayed in doing so. In the same way, DFGA’s Heritage Centre encapsulates the big picture of Command Field Gun and its development within the framework of the Royal Tournament.

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  • However, gone are the training tracks, gone are the dockyard departments that made and maintained the equipment and gone is the Royal Tournament that was not only the show case of the Field Gun competition, but a vehicle for presentations by other representatives of the armed forces, including guest appearances from other nations.
  • In the same way that today’s public can touch the navy’s historical past by visiting HMS VICTORY, for example, a visit to our Heritage centre can offer the same experience, with an opportunity to touch and feel the equipment used by the field gun Crews that completed the obstacle course in record time.  Our Heritage Centre is not just ‘history’, therefore, but the gel that unites the past with the present.All are welcome to visit our Heritage Centre but we ask that you contact us prior to your visit to arrange the time of your attendance. Its location is Crownhill Fort, Crownhill Road, Crownhill, Plymouth, PL6 5BY. Telephone 01752 777236.
  • Email Museum Curator: dfgassociation@gmail.com
  • A big thank you to Friends Of The Museum 





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