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This page will give you up to date information as is to what’s happening on the site with regard to current technical issues, pointers how to view & use pages with user advices on various matters where needed. If you have a technical issue or just need advice as to ‘How to get the damn thing working’ (our site), or you need to change your password, then please contact me by email & I will attempt to solve the problem, just click my name to message me. Jan Dace



There is an events calendar which displays all regular and new events that the association organise or attend in any public venue in Plymouth or other location. Each displayed event will give you brief details of event such as time, place, directions, map and contact details of person organising it. ACCESS TO THE CALENDAR CAN BE MADE ON THE HOME (FRONT) PAGE OF OUR SITE. IT IS A RED TAB MARKED “Upcoming Events”  SITUATED TO THE TOP RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE. JUST CLICK THE TAB & IT OPENS UP. If you wish to inform us that you will attend an event click the RSVP box. You will find that if you use a Apple iPhone or other Smart phone when the web site opens a bar is displayed across the screen which gives you facility to open calendar & scroll through events or close it to look at site.

Note 2. Data Required.

  • Please note that this site ‘needs’ all the imput we can get from your own personnal ‘archives’, memories, photos and Dits etc. THIS SITE CANNOT BE POPULAR AND ATTRACTIVE TO VIEW UNLESS WE HAVE A REGULAR VARIED CONTENT OF INFORMATION, PICTURE & REPORT (Dits) TO BE DISPLAYED OF OUR FIELD GUN HISTORY AND ABOUT THE MEN WHO MADE IT HISTORY! Lets leave a legacy, and the sport of field gun for our descendants before its too late!
  • Should you have anything you wish to be placed within the web site, and we need everything, then please contact me at dfgawebmaster@btinternet.com
  • Or leave a comment on the BLOG page just set up on the 17/02/17

Note 3. Articles for Display or Calendar

  • For any items that you wish to be displayed in the Posts area on the News page then do let me have all the details in good time before any events start. It can also be promulgated in our ‘Upcoming Events’ calendar.

Note 4. Viewing Highlighted Sections

  • When viewing pages you will see at various positions on that page Highlighted & in Bold dark print e.g. The BBC Rippon Report 1978 on ABOUT Page (bottom of text). These are links to either MS Word & PDF (MTGs Minutes Files) files or other web pages or VIDEOS. So click on them & see what you’re missing. Displayed may also be a ‘Click Here’ text.

Note 5. Viewing Galleries

  • When viewing Galleries click to open gallery of your choice where you will see the pictures displayed within a group. To view individually click on one picture then treat as slide show clicking ‘arrows’ to left & right of the picture. To get out of gallery just click on the picture displayed and it will revert to galleries Page

Note 6. Viewing News Posts

  • When you go into the Posts/News pages there is a Category & Month seclection box to view various items, use this if you cannot see what you are looking for or if you wish to know anything that has past?

Thank You

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