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TWICKERS Update 27 February 2017 Last Chance Saloon



TWICKERS 2017 Coach, Hotel & Details to Note - Updated 27 February 17

Friday April 28th - Saturday 29th April - Sunday 30th April 2017 Travel Details and Important Details to Note TO DATE (27/02/17) THERE IS ONE HOTEL ‘TWIN SHARING’ ROOM (£120 per night for 2 with Breakfasts) and MATCH TICKETS £26 each CALL A.S.A.P. IF YOU WANT THIS VACANCY The coach will depart at 1000 Friday 28th April 2017 from Exeter Street viaduct, Bretonside. It will leave from outside our hotel in Richmond on Sunday 30th April, at lunchtime. Contact Colin Becerra on email: or phone 01392 210994 THERE IS A TOTAL BAN ON DRINKING ALCOHOL WHILST TRAVELLING ON THE COACH Comfort’ stops (toilets & refreshments) en-route.Return tickets costs £50 per person BAR SWINGERS Normal Association Rules apply to the acquisition of Bar Swingers. i.e. One Swinger per paid up member & another one for that member’s family/partner/friend etc. Any member who requires more than... Read More

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DFGA 2017 Reunion Saturday Evening Buffet – Cancellation

Dear Member
It is with regret that we have to inform you that this years Reunion Weekend Saturday evening Buffet, at HMS Drake, has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers applying to attend this function.
We are disappointed at this outcome, which shows that membership requirements are changing as times go by, and your Board will reappraise the type & location of a Reunion Saturday Evening function for 2018.
The remainder of the Reunion weekend is still as promulgated on the Notification & Booking Form which has been distributed.
All those that have booked places have been emailed notification prior to this post. We apologise for any inconvenience in your travel arrangements.
DFGA Board

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Computer Fraud Warning – Action Fraud

Action Fraud has received the first reports of Tech-Support scammers claiming to be from Microsoft who are taking advantage of the global WannaCry ransomware attack. One victim fell for the scam after calling a ‘help’ number advertised on a pop up window. The window which wouldn’t close said the victim had been affected by WannaCry Ransomware. The victim granted the fraudsters remote access to their PC after being convinced there wasn’t sufficient anti-virus protection. The fraudsters then installed Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, which is actually free and took £320 as payment. It is important to remember that Microsoft’s error and warning messages on your PC will never include a phone number. Additionally Microsoft will never proactively reach out to you to provide unsolicited PC or technical support. Any communication they have with you must be initiated by you.

How to protect yourself

  • Don't call numbers from pop-up messages.
  • Never allow remote access to your... Read More

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POSTED BY: GuzGoFor - Mon 1 May 2017

Spyware Phisher Movie WARNING! Mobiles

Tell all the contacts on your list not to accept a video called the " Sonia disowns Rahul" It is a virus that formats your mobile. It is very dangerous. They announced it on the radio today. Fwd this MSG to as many as you can.

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GOLF Classic – Reunion Weekend – Friday 30 April 2017

For all you "Tiger Woods' (without a bad back) its soon time for the Reunion Weekend Classic Golf Day at China Fleet Club, Saltash. Please see attached documents re details of event and to download your application/booking Form: Reunion Golf 2017 Details Notes GOLF Reunion Weekend Ap Form 2017

All booking forms to be returned by the 1st May 2017

Henry Cotton

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DFGA Museum on the Move

Please read DFGA Board's notice re Museum moving to a new venue in the very near future, click on the link below: DFGA NOTE- MUSEUM ON THE MOVE -APR 17

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POSTED BY: GuzGoFor - Thu 13 Apr 2017

2017 Reunion Details & Weekend Notification and Booking Form

Please look at the reunion weekend Notification & Booking Form which informs you of events and should be downloaded and returned to the Social Secretary, Tom Luther, ASAP if you wish to attend any of the functions displayed. This form allows Tom to accommodate everybody's wishes and makes his organisational role easier to deal with. Note that there are only 80 places that can be permitted in the WO & SR Mess, HMS Drake, for the evening function. Postal address on bottom of Form.

Apart from the Saturday lunchtime 'Bash', at the St Levan's Inn, Tom will need firm bookings for the AGM & After function and the Saturday Evening Do and BOOKINGS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED WHEN A COMPLETED FORM IS RECEIVED BY TOM. This is important as security passes 'have to' be gained from staff at Drake for entry to evening Do. CHeques made out to Devonport... Read More

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Email Phishing Trojan Mails – WARNING

Phishing Emails are being distributed in many numbers at the mo so please read the attached (04/04/2017) Just CLICK on link below for details....PROTECT YOURSELF NOW Email Phishing Trojan 040417

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Your MEMBERSHIP Subcriptions 2017

Dear Member

Most of this years membership subscriptions have been paid now and it appears that some members have not renewed theirs for 2017? If you are one of those who have not done so you will find that you will no longer be able to access the Members Pages of this web site. If you have overlooked this payment then do please contact Barney Barnett, our Membership Secretary, who will assist you. Why don't you arrange a Standing Order with your bank then you will not overlook the annual donation? We do NOT accept Direct Debit payments now as we cannot afford the bank charges that we incur. Download your Standing Order Mandate Form (CLICK HERE) and take it to your bank. Thank you for your kind attention to this post.

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POSTED BY: GuzGoFor - Mon 20 Feb 2017

Letter from Her Majesty The Queen – February 2017

The DFG Association most recently received a reply letter from the Queen after we informed Her Majesty about the progress of Junior Field Gun Sport in which we supplied one of our DVDs & Guz Gazette 'Special' JFG Tournament Edition for her to view. CLICH HERE QUEEN'S Letter February 2017

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POSTED BY: GuzGoFor - Sun 19 Feb 2017

Tony Hull – Crossed the Bar

We regret to inform you that Tony crossed the bar on Wednesday morning, 15th February 2017. His wife, Jean, informed us that he had been suffering from Asbestosis for many years. Tony never 'ran', but was a member of staff (Buffer) in 1966,67,72,73 and 75.

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We are a Registered Charity We Need Support from All

If any reader wishes to make a donation to our charity then please do by clicking on the My Donate button below. The proceeds of your donation will go toward the upkeep & running costs of our Heritage Center, Museum and exhibition show stand display equipment. As we are attending more public shows these days we need proper display equipment to advertise our Association & it's place withing our community.

Thank you

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POSTED BY: GuzGoFor - Wed 13 Apr 2016

Andy ‘Doc’ Burns – Very Poorly

Yesterday Derek Cousins reported that Doc Burns had been admitted to War Memorial Hospital, Sultan Ward, Gosport. He will undergo tests etc. Today it was announced that a scan hi had was clear (?) And he 'may' be released from hospital next week. So if you're passing that way in next 7 days give Andy a visit, thank you

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Twickers Weekend 2016 Tickets & Coach

The coach return fare is £50 for those using this transport. Henry Cotton is I/C coach travel.  Please note that Henry is 'only' receiving bookings vis post, not phone, so download your form & complete it if you haven't done so already. Tel: 07900 577399. There are now another 10 Match Tickets going to those who need them? Please call Colin Becerra to get your if you need them. Tel: 07724 73354 or 01392 210994.

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